Association Health Plans

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About Association Health Plans

Association health plans cater to small businesses and individuals who join together as a collective. Self-employed individuals such as writers, musicians, farmers, actors, and others in similar professions may have the opportunity to enroll in industry-specific association plans.

By leveraging the group’s purchasing power, these plans secure health coverage for all members, often resulting in substantial cost savings compared to buying insurance individually on the open market. While association health plans still function as a type of health insurance, they are subject to less stringent regulations and may not provide the same minimum benefits required by ACA plans.

Contact your state’s department of insurance either by phone or through their online resources. They can provide valuable information and guidance on identifying suitable association health plans available in your area.

Utilize the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC): The NAIC maintains a comprehensive list of state websites and contact information. This resource can help you access further details about association health plans and navigate the options specific to your state.

Chambers of Commerce often serve as valuable sources of information. They may provide insights and resources related to association health plans, helping you find options tailored to your business or profession.

Professional organizations relevant to your industry or occupation can offer insights into association health plans available for your specific field. Reach out to these organizations to inquire about any information or resources they may have regarding suitable association health plans.